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Surgery: Serious Business. SERIOUSLY.

Caduceus HQ - A Trauma Center LJ Community!
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This is an LJ community dedicated to the discussion and sharing of any and all thingies about the grand and amazing Nintendo series カドゥケウス- or, as it's better known in its English language release, Trauma Center. If you're a fan, join right up!

Post fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, icons, pictures, links, thoughts, smut, whatever- as long as it somehow relates to the games! However, if it's a big picture, a spoiler, or Non-worksafe content (even if you're not sure), be sure to put it under an lj cut!

Play nice, and don't go slashing your name in anyone's body while time is moving slower, now!

TC: Under the Knife Japan site
TC: Under the Knife English site
TC: Second Opinion Japan site
TC: Second Opinion English site

Credits for the layout go to novaless with modifications by our own xgraphy!